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Welcome to Land’or Vacation Club, our newest offering in the world of vacations!  Designed to give you optimum flexibility with your leisure time, Land’or Vacation Club is a points-based system that allows you to travel the world without the restraints of traditional vacation ownership.  Enjoy deeply-discounted vacations to resorts, hotels…even private homes! And with our real time technology you can see what’s available in your area of choice now without waiting and hoping to see if what you want may be available.    Our expert  Concierge personnel can customize your trip to include rental cars, golfing excursions, city tours around the world, weekend getaways to theme parks and more, all at fantastic savings.  You may even trade your timeshare week at another resort for any time of vacation, not just the normal week-at-a-resort-for-a-week-at-another-resort.  Whether you wish to spend two weeks cruising the seven seas or just getting away to Orlando for a weekend with the family, Land’or Vacation Club is here to make your vacation dreams a reality.  After all…why settle for just one vacation of a lifetime?

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